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Metal Technology (MTI) today announced that it has completed all initiatives required by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) 800-171 cyber security rules, and passed a comprehensive compliance audit.  As part of the federal governments ever-increasing emphasis on addressing cybersecurity threats, the U.S. Department of Defense recently published supplemental rules requiring government contractors to implement cyber security measures set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171 before December 31, 2017.  These requirements are designed to protect the confidentiality of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in non-federal systems and organizations.

 “Given our legacy of supporting some of the most important defense, aerospace, and scientific organizations in the world for over 45 years, we are proud to have completed all the initiatives required by the new cyber security rules.” said Gary Cosmer, Chief Executive Officer.

“Keeping our customers information safe and secure is extremely important to us, We continually strive to provide dependable innovation for our customers and respect the level of trust they have in us.” said Jason Stitzel, Engineering Director.

About Metal Technology (MTI)

With more than forty years of experience applying innovative, proprietary technologies, Metal Technology (MTI) is making possible the use of difficult alloys for a wider range of applications with greater efficiency, versatility, and reliability. Alloys include Tantalum, Niobium, Zirconium, Titanium, Tungsten and Molybdenum. MTI uses specialized deep-draw, forging, machining, EDM, and additive manufacturing methods to deliver superior products according to exacting specifications.


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