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Vanadium Sample Cans

Finally a superior sample can solution for neutron-powder diffraction and neutron-scattering experiments. Developed in cooperation with NIST, MTI sample cans are transparent to neutrons, making them an excellent choice for your experiments. Using a closed-end design, you can irradiate the entire sample without needing to mask off an open end. Sample cans are available in several diameters and lengths to optimize signal/noise ratios. A titanium alloy flange is also available and offers a thermal expansion coefficient very near to vanadium’s. Standard sizes range from 0.250” diameter to 0.625” diameter. Lengths are from 2.00” to 3.00”. The standard wall thickness is 0.006”.
MTI’s Vanadium Sample Cans are:
  • Seamless

  • Virtually indestructible and resistant to holes

  • Available with titanium flanges and aluminum caps

  • Adaptable to a wide range of temperatures

  • Manufactured with a groove in the flange for O-ring, or indium seal

  • Helium leak testing also available, call for pricing

  • Available in custom materials, diameters and lengths